Our story

Our modern technology gives freedom to entrepreneurs in many industries whose daily routines previously required attendance and operations.

Our customer-friendly solutions are simple and straightforward, and we have succeeded in removing barriers to business that previously required constant attention.

Our product ideas for sales promotional software were born before the technological revolution of the 2000’s and some time before touch screen phones appeared. The first electronic promotional services were developed for ticket sales. We received significant attention in a market conquered by our giant competitors, from which we were encouraged to start by using our base plan in other industries as well.

The solutions we have developed over the years are no longer industry-specific, but are suitable for serving all types of business.

The basis of our operations is the versatility and compatibility of the more than 20 software modules that we have developed. By maintaining an open conversation with our customers and reflecting on their needs, we have continuously honed our products to make them even better. This serves both parties, and we believe it is the key to sustainable business, and that is why our development work will never end.

We are a mix of a long line of experience, modern know-how and creative talent. Join us to create top services with us!


Best wishes,

Pekka Heikkilä


Sold Out Services Ltd.