Our products



Our service software streamlines and automates several business areas. We create marketplaces where our system manages and/or controls electric locks, key and product lockers, and various electrical devices. With the help of easy-to-use webshops, transactions are completed in a straightforward manner. The entrepreneur manages the management of their business with a clear control panel that provides the most important key figures and indicators, as well as basic marketing and customer management tools.

Our services are business automation management systems.

Our software serves the masses with a high-quality shopping experience, growing the business while automation creates cost savings.


Our Rent Out – software automates the rental of premises, commercial apartments, small storages and apartments.

Our Rent It– software performs automatic rental/sale of services and products.

The product packages give you access to, among other things

– Automatic resource management

– Marketing and campaign management

– Webshop services

– Automatic access control

– Automatic billing and payment control

– Customer relationship management

Our products already serve customers in five languages.

Ask more about our Rent Out and Rent It – services!


Gateway Access -solutions

Automatic access control is standard in this era of modern remote business management. We offer cloud-based Linux server and GSM port solutions that enable keyless entry into the premises securely, automating access control. An entrepreneur always has real-time information about their customers in their rental premises. The system log data, together with surveillance cameras, provide good protection against misuse.