Easy-to-use sales and webshop tools for your use! Our modern webshop with control systems automates your business for today's needs. It takes care of resource management, marketing and sales functions, delivery monitoring and business control all the way to the accounting.

Digitize your business

Let our system take care of your daily routines efficiently

Improve your services

Make your service easily available online 24/7

Delop and grow your business

With efficient automation

Why choose Sold Out Services?

We specialize in the automation of premises rentals, such as, for example, reservation systems for commercial and rental apartments, small storages and public spaces. Modern housing services are our special expertise, for which we offer our automation services, webshops, management systems, remote control and unlocking systems for electrical equipment and electric locks.

Our electronic booking calendar attached to online payments can be utilized in almost any business. With our products, you can manage your services simultaneously and securely in several different locations.

Our customers include suppliers of small storages, apartments and business premises, as well as renters of various services, such as trailers and vehicles, vending pharmacies and renters of public facilities, tennis, padel and other sports fields/courts and turns.

Thanks to our flexible solutions, we are able to quickly tailor a service package that works to the changing needs of businesses.


Business management system

Our business management system solutions simplify daily routines by automating many areas of business

  • Our Rent It and Rent Out service software are consumer-friendly and allow customers to order your services easily and quickly 24/7.
  • With our flexible solutions, we are able to quickly tailor a service package that works for your business needs.
  • Expand your services with our additional service sales solutions!

You can easily secure your rental business with strong authentication and collective agreements.

You get to use several different payment options with the help of Checkout.com– payment intermediaries!

We create and develop our services on the terms of our customers, and we have received praise for the functionality of our solutions. With the systems we have developed, we have been able to increase our customers’ turnover and streamline the sales and business processes of their products!